Health Coaching


Ready to make a change but not sure how? 

During a 15 minute call, meeting, or zoom meeting we will evaluate your situation and see if we are compatible and can work well together to make sure your needs match my scope of practice. Then, you decide on when and how we should meet, and how often and for how long. 

A 12 week program (6 sessions) is recommended but other options are available

We can meet online through Zoom or in-person if you live in the area at:
                  The Wellness Cottage 
           951 College Street, Monticello, GA.


Do you know what is really in the foods you are feeding your family? You will learn about Food Labels, discover which foods should and should not be included in your pantry, and create a healthy clean pantry. 

We will have 3 meetings that include a 30 minute consultation to discuss your needs and goals, then we will set up an hour-long meeting to go through your pantry and discuss what to keep or toss and alternatives,, then we will have another 30 minute consultation to discuss what you learned and how to move forward on keeping a healthy pantry. 

Need help figuring out the foods in your fridge and freezer? We can schedule those, too!  Pricing varies.


Want to learn how to incorporate certain foods into your diet? Food demonstrations and workshops for parties, corporate events, and groups in-person and online are available. You will receive 3 recipes that will be demonstrated while sharing information about nutrition and healthy cooking techniques. This is a very casual event with discussion throughout. Tasting/Sampling is available depending on the venue. Prices vary.