We Hope You Enjoy Our Farm Newsletters.. ~Shane and Jennifer~

2021 SEASON – below is a sample of what is in the CSA vegetable deliveries each week.

WEEK 1: Hello All, Week one of the 2021 season has finally arrived!  This week we have lettuce, curly leaf kale, Hakurei turnips, French Breakfast radish, cilantro, and baby Pak Choi. It has been an interesting spring with the roller coaster weather we’ve had. I think the plants have experienced all four seasons in the last six weeks. Some plants have experienced slow growth due to the weather and others have decided they’ve lived their whole lives and have gone to flower/seed. These combined to make the first week less than than the big start that I had planned for but we are underway none the less! I’m excited about upcoming crops that are in the fields, the hoop house, and the shroom room. Thank you so much for joining us on the 2021 season journey. I think it is going to be a good one!  Enjoy!

WEEK 2: Hello All, It is week 2 of the CSA season. This week we have a small Napa cabbage. They are starting to bolt due to the fluctuating temperatures so I had to pick them early. We also have lettuce, hakurei turnips, Ted Russian kale, French Breakfast radishes, sunflower shoots, and a mix of Oyster and Chestnut mushrooms. The Chestnuts are the brown ones and the Oysters are white. We use the mushrooms just like we would any other mushroom you may purchase at the store. Mushrooms should always be consumed cooked. It helps to break down their chitin and makes their wonderful nutrients available. The simplest way is just to sauté them with a little oil or water with garlic. Enjoy!

WEEK 3: Hello All, Week three is here. I’ve tried growing green bunching onions this season. The first of those is in this bag. Young Swiss Chard is also making its season debut this week. The turnip greens have been hit pretty hard by flea beetles, so just the bulbs this week. We also have lettuce, red Russian kale, sunflower shoots, and French Breakfast radish. Enjoy!

WEEK 4: Hello All, It is week 4 of the CSA season. This week we have baby carrots, French Breakfast radish, oyster mushrooms, lettuce, green onions, and the first picking of zucchini. I tried doing the kale in bunches this week in effort to reduce plastic bag usage. I don’t love the way it kept in the fridge overnight. I’ll have to go back to bags next week.

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