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Wholistic Jen

Health Scientist

After discovering her passion for Health and Fitness, Jen went back to school to earn her Masters in Health Science in the mid 90’s.  Her focus was on health promotion and disease prevention, and she loved and continues to love learning about how diet and lifestyle affect health.  Today, she teaches students and clients about all aspects of health.  She uses science-based information to help clients set goals to bring about optimal health and wellness.

food and health education

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Jen decided to pursue more studies into health and nutrition. Health coaching has allowed her to help her family and her community to improve their health. Clients know what they should do but usually do not know where to start. Jen helps them take those first steps. She loves working as a health coach and empowering her clients to take control of their health. She began her nutrition training while earning her Masters in Health Science. She then went on to study sports nutrition, nutrition for all stages of life, and herbal nutrition. She has earned numerous certificates in nutrition and health coaching and now is a Board Certified Health Educator Specialist. She is always taking continuing education classes and stays up-to-date on the newest research.

master Herbalist

Jen has been researching and studying herbs since 1997! She loves incorporating herbs into foods, beverages, and body products to aid the body and restore balance to the entire system. She has earned certificates through many colleges and universities in North and Central America, and most recently completed courses in the Master Herbalist program at the School of Natural Healing. She loves being able to teach clients how to incorporate herbs into their daily lives safely.

Most recently completed her Master Herbalist program at the School of Natural Healing earning her Masters in Herbology.