Did you know that Stress effects your nutrition needs? March is National Nutrition Month, and as we focus on nutrition, we need to remember that we are all unique. 

My activity level, exercise, stress, sleep, and hormones are not the same as anyone else’s.  All of these affect my nutrition needs. I have studied DNA a lot recently, and I have discovered that I have genes that require more protein but less fat than the USDA guidelines recommend. The guidelines are that “guidelines” and are set for the “average” person.  Our genetic make-up is fascinating and shows just how unique we are.  What’s my point here?  You and only you know what is right for you.  When you are searching for the “right diet” or plan for you, listen to your body.  You know that you will feel lousy if you eat that entire box of Girl Scout Cookies. Yes, they do taste good, but they don’t feed the “good guys” in your gut and will affect your sleep and digestion.  

There are some guidelines that are true across the board:
1-Eat whole foods.  If it is sold in the produce section, grew in a field, and doesn’t have a food label, I’d say it is a good choice.
2-Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. Leafy greens are the most nutritious!  Don’t like spinach?  Try kale, broccoli, or cabbage Try these Sautéed Greens.    Roots are wonderful for the microbiome!  Don’t like sweet potatoes, try carrots, beets, or turnips. 
Try this Lentil, Squash, and Rice Bowl to get your beans and whole grains in, too!    Find a berry you enjoy and eat it often! Berries are great for your whole body.    Try Blueberry Overnight Oatsto start your day off!
3-Whole Grains are good!  B vitamins, folate, fiber, … Find one that works for you! Make sure it is a WHOLE grain. 
4-Nuts and Seeds – Eat these raw or buy them raw and then season and/or roast, so you can control the salt.
5-Fix a colorful plate-See how many different colors you can get in each day. 

Let me know if you try any or all of these recipes, let me know if you have any recommendations, and be sure to check out my videos on our Facebook page or on my YouTube Channel.  You are also invited to join my private Facebook Group, Wholistic Farms Livingwhere I go live whenever the moment feels right. 
I’ll give you a regular schedule when I come up with one.

I love hearing from you!
Wholistic Jen 

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