What is CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)?  

CSA is a way for farmers and the local community to form a mutually beneficial relationship in which the members provide up front financing so that the farmer can produce his crops.  When an indivudual or family joins the CSA they pay before the growing/harvest season so that the farmer can purchase their seeds, soil amendments, mulches, etc.  In return, the member gets a share of the harvest weekly for a designated time period.  The farmer benefits by knowing that a certain portion of his harvest has a home.  The shareholder benefits by knowing their farmer and hence; where and how their food is grown.  They receive a weekly supply of healthy, local, and synthetic chemical free FOOD.

How much produce will we receive each week?

The amount a shareholder will receive each week will vary based upon the production of the farm and the time of year.  The average weekly share will be between 5-10 different fruits/vegetables/herbs/mushrooms.  This (Full) share is usaully good for a family of four.  The exact weekly amount is unpredictable as many factors can influence the harvest.

Is Wholistic Farms certified organic?

We are not certified organic at this time.  We do not think it is a wise investment of our time and money to go through the certification process currently.  We also believe that Certification does not mean as much as it should.  We do utilize “organic” methods such as: minimal tillage, no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, cover cropping, crop rotation, soil building, and never GMO seeds.

How do you price your food?

We try to stay in line with grocery store pricing on most comparable items. Although, we believe ours will be freshers and higher quality. A full share should average out to be $27 worth and a half share $15 per week over the 26 weeks.  We also offer an EARLY BIRD SPECIAL if you join by 12/31/21 you get a week free.  This is going on NOW!  It makes a full share $676 for the season and a half share $375 for the season

Can I choose what I receive?

The components of the weekly bag will be determined by what is in season and available.  If there is a product that a household will not or cannot eat, we do try to accomidate when possible.  This could include a substitution or double portion of another product.

How will I get my produce?

We deliver the bags of fresh produce once per week to your home or office in the Jasper County, GA area.  We try to let the customer choose whether they get on Wednesdays or Saturdays but we also try to keep somewhat even numbers for each day and try to group areas of the county together.

What are the dates for the CSA season?

The 2022 CSA season will run from the week of 5/1-10/29.

Is there a deadline to join?

There is not a hard deadline to join, however, sooner is better. We do the bulk of our seed and amendment purchases and planning before the beginning of the year. Once spring rolls around, shares will be limited by our space and what we planted. We do fill up and close sign-ups when that occurs.  Also, we offer a free week EARLY BIRD SPECIAL if you join by 12/31/21.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up right here on this website under the “investment” page if you wish to pay with PayPal or a card.  You can also pay by check or cash.  Either way, please let us know the information requested on that page.  

Name, address, preferred day, etc.

If you have additional questions, please send me a message to Shane@wholisticfarms.com or fill out the form on the Contact page