Your sponsoship will help cover:

  • Cost of the baby chick
  • Starter/Grower feed until maturity (20-24 weeks)
  • Layer feed for the remainer of the year
  • Labor to move the hens daily, collect, wash, and candle eggs
  • Distribution of the eggs to the food bank

Sponsorship is $50 for the entire year.  It is entirely tax dectible.  We are a recognized 501 (c) 3 public charity.

Why sponsor a hen?


Pasture raised eggs are a superior FOOD.  Compared to conventionally produced eggs they have 2/3 more vitamin A, triple the vitamin E, double the omega-3 fatty acids, and 7 times more beta carotene.  This makes them a wonderful source of vitamins and protein perfect for those with limited food choices.  Unfortunately, at our current production levels, it costs us over $6.00 to produce one dozen eggs!  THIS IS WHY WE NEED YOUR HELP.  By sponsoring a hen, you will help us continue to be able to produce these wonderful orbs of nutrion for those who need them the most.  Currently, we do sell some of our eggs to offset some of the costs of production, but we cannot continue our egg operation without your support.  As of 9/15/17 we have donared 119 dozen eggs this year.  With your help, we can many, many more.  



Sponsor a hen for a year by clicking the "Buy Now" button below.

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