Wholistic Farms Pastured Eggs

We pasutre our laying hens in mobile enclosed coops.  They are moved daily to give the hens a new spot to graze, dig, and rest.  This is done to protect the hens, give them fresh and sterile pasture,and to evenly spread their fertilzer over the pasure.


Are your eggs hormone free?

Our hens are never given any hormones or antibiotics.  We believe that giving the hens a more natural living condition  elimates the need for these chemicals that the mass producers must apply to keep their hens alive and producing.

Are your laying hens free range?

We do not let our hens rome freely.  We tried this in the past and it did not work out for us or the hens.  Free ranging hens are detrimental to a vegetable producing opertation (they like to sample) and dangerous for the hens.  We lost many hens to both domestic and wild predators.  We believe that our system of moving the hens to a fresh pasture area everyday is the best way to keep them healthy with natural diet of bugs and greens, spread their manure, and get healthy eggs.  In truth, our system is much closer to free range then many of the store eggs marketed as "free range" who's hens many never actually set foot on a blade of grass.

What do your laying hens eat?

Our hens live on pasture from approximately 20 weeks of age on.  They eat and behave like chickens were created to.  They dig for bugs, eat grass and weeds, and even dirt and small grit (rocks).  We also feed them non GMO feed, addition bug larvae (for extra protein), crushed oyster shells, and kitchen/garden scraps.  Through this natural diet, the eggs produced are thick shelled and nutrient dense.  Pasture raised eggs contain 2/3 more vitamin A, triple the vitamin E, double the omega 3 fatty acids, and 7 times more beta carotene then conventionally raised eggs.

­How much do your eggs cost?

We sell our eggs for $5 per dozen or $3 per half dozen.