Wholistic Farms Outreach, Inc is a nonprofit corporation that we started to benefit the people of our local community in and around Jasper County, GA. We know that there is a difference between conventionally grown, chemical covered food and organically produced food.  To produce food organically costs more in soil building inputs and labor.  These inputs make it cost more to purchase for the consumer.  We believe that everyone needs Healthy Food!  This organization was put together to make Healthy and Nutritious food available to those in the area who could not normally afford it. 

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There are three ways that you can help us give those in need the food that they NEED

  1. Join our CSA.  All profits from our CSA weekly boxes and eggs go to supporting the Outreach program.

  2. Purchase fruit, vegetables, and eggs from us at the local market.  Once again, our profits from these sales go to support the Outreach program.

  3. Donate.  We are a 501(c)(3) public charity.  Your donations will go toward the Outreach program to produce vegetables and eggs to be donated to the food bank.  Donations are tax deductible. (Purchases are not tax deductible)


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